I am here to help!

(even if you have an inner dialogue that question my statement)

But how can I help YOU?

n a very simple way: I can help you to win your game! Your Inner Game.

To be a better Leader, a better CEO, a better Entrepreneur. All of them have a central point: YOU!

I’m here to help you GROW, gain CLARITY, and reach your GOALS!

But how is this true? How do I know I really can help you?

I know because I have prepared my entire life for that! 

I started my career in Ceausescu’s time, as a blue collar worker in an electronics warehouse. 4 years later I became one of the first brokers at the Romanian Commodity Exchange. 3 years later I was the Marketing & Sales Director of Mediafax News Agency. In just a few years I was promoted Sales Director of MediaPro Group, the most desirable company to work for in Romania at that time. 

…Now I have more than 30 years in the work field. 25 of them I was managing people. Building many great teams!…Coaching them, leading them (sometime pushing them), to great results. Which, most of the time, we got! Most of the teams I’ve built and lead where dynamic, powerful and successful.

After 13 great years in MediaPro I was hunted by the next hot spot in town, Realitatea.Catavencu Group, to design their Sales Strategy and to build their Sales Team. Actualy, to answer to the simple question: “how can we make more money from this market?” Few years later Adevarul Holding asked me the same question and offered me the same job: Sales Director. Sometime it’s a great way to learn from one success to the next one.

That’s why Leading Teams is one of my expertise. And Leading Sales Teams is my ultra-expertise.

I was in the top management of big corporations for many years, until I’ve decided that too much is too much. And I start my own business. After my first startup, ideas start sparkling and many other businesses I co-founded, one after another. Brand Behaviour R&D, e-Research, Webuzz, Field Agent, and Centre for Effective Coaching. Some where very good businesses. Some where just good lessons. Because sometime is a great way to learn from failure too.

That’s why how to accelerate a Startup is one of my expertise.

And that’s why I am the startup Coach of Guerrilla Camp (where I wait for you to jump in our next cohort, if you have a great business idea).

The last company of which I am a proudly Co-Founder is Centre for Effective Coaching, partner of Performance Consultants International, the company founded by Sir John Whitmore, the father of modern Executive Coaching.

My Coaching journey has started in  2004 when I dived deep in the waters of NLP, for more than 3000 hours of learning and formation as NLP Master Coach and Trainer. 

Also I have done my formation in Behavioral Coaching under the ICC worldwide organization, as Business Master Coach. 

These two different formations allow me to work with my clients on two parallel levels: at surface/conscious level and deep/unconscious level, in the same time.

I have start my learning journey with the well known Catalin Zaharia, actual President of the European ANLPt, who kindly guided my first steps in NLP. Than I have worked with the top trainers of the industry like Peter Schutz, Judith Lowe, the co-founder of NLP, John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner and so many others, all very respected professionals of the field, to whom I will thank until the end of the road!

During this learning experience, I decide that for me, Coaching is the best way to express myself. The best way to contribute for people learning and development. 

I was extremely lucky: I have found my passion and my purpose!

That’s why Executive and Business Coaching is my expertise. 

Also, I was crazy enough to keep the dream and the hope that a beautiful family is all we need in this life. And I was again lucky enough to see my dream come true.

And …yes, it’s all we need.

All we need is love. And a purpose.

And my purpose is to help people to get CLARITY, to reach their full POTENTIAL, to achieve their GOALS. 

And that’s why you are here!