Life is just a story.

I mean, when you look from the outside, life is just a story.

Every story has a hero and here the hero is you.

When you are the hero, you realize (or not), that life is not “just a story” anymore. It’s a very subjective story. It’s your story!

And fortunately, if you realize that quickly enough, you realize that being the hero, you have the power to change the story.

If you get on the train, the story will continue with the journey, if you do not get on, the story will continue with the station. It’s your choice!

It’s your choice what you decide. And you can do that every day. Every moment.

But are you aware of these decisions? And are your decisions, consistent with your goals, with your purpose?

Is your purpose a conscious choice or is it a consequence of chance?

How did you get to where you are today? You proposed, or so it happened?

No matter what’s your answer, it was a journey to arrive here. And so it will continue to be until the next destination.

This time would you like to be the one who chooses your next destination?

Because you can decide your destination!!!

Our business, our career and our life, are all the consequences of our day-by-day decisions, of the stories we tell ourselves and the way we perceive “reality”. We’re all the same on this.

The key word here is “perceive”! Because this is what we make with “reality”:

we transform it into something else.

Guided by fear we can turn reality into something we are afraid might be true. Guided by desire, we can turn it into something we really want to be true. Although there is no consistent evidence in either one sense or the other.

Our easiness of transforming reality could be our blind spot, our Achilles heel. At the same time, with a higher level of presence and awareness, this could be the way we can upgrade our future and make our passions and dreams to become the new reality!

Who you are today is the consequence of your previous decisions.

Who you’ll be in the near future will be the consequences of the decisions you are preparing to make today.

If that’s the case, why not make those decisions and those actions that take you exactly where you want to go?

Well, maybe because there’s something else that’s on the way. And we’ll call it, metaphorically, YOU!

You and the way you perceive reality and give it a meaning. The way you judge it.

This you, whom you are so in love with, is the one that stands in your way. Of course, you can’t see it easily. Because he has already convinced you that he is you. Like you are him. That you are the same thing.

Finding your true self is the first step.

Winning the inner game is the rest of the journey.

When you own the real game, your inner game, then you can see your
authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs. From here
you can start to build yourself up!

This inner game it’s so subtle that we don’t even
realize it. We feel like “it’s just happened”, or “this is who I am”.

No, is not!

You are the person you decide you want to be! 

Here is where I can help you: to win your inner game!

And if you’re ready to put your skin in the game, we’ll find the way!!

Whatever you are looking for: to be a better Leader, a better CEO,
a better Entrepreneur, a better YOU!

We’ll work together to make this happen, but your contribution is

And that means hard work and action. No shortcuts, no magic. Just
clarity, focus & action.

The results are inevitable. I’ll put my 25 years of top management
& 15 years as a Leadership & Transformational Coach, at work, together
with YOU.

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

#WORKWITHME and you will gain more CLARITY to reach your GOALS! That’s
a promise!




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